The popularity of Cannabidiol (CBD), a chemical compound extracted from industrial hemp, is increasing. Although federal laws have made it legal to grow hemp legal, CBD is yet to receive the same green light.

On Tuesday, a bill to legalize the sale of products containing CBD was reportedly defeated by the House Judiciary Committee. The event is a big blow for many looking to take advantage of the legalization of hemp products. CBD does not have any psychoactive proprieties and has been shown to be medicinal. However, most people still confuse it with Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

According to the Farm Bill, industrial hemp should contain 0.3 percent of THC. This law also removed industrial hemp from the being classified as a Schedule 1 drug. However, supporters of hemp are still confused about the legality of CBD products in different states. This confusion is a cause of worry among shop owners selling CBD products such as oils and other edibles.

The Laramie Police Department has been working with local business owners to allow them to sell their CBD products. However, these products must be tested to show they contain 0 percent of THC.

“It is a big impact on my business,” Jeff Craven, the owner of a CBD store in Laramie, said.”Even more frustrating, Trump comes out and says anything 0.3 percent [THC] or under is classified as industrial hemp and can be shipped to every state – except Wyoming because if they detect THC in it, they’ll throw you in jail.”

Lt. Gwen Smith, an official with Laramie Police, said businesses could sell CBD based products that have no traces of CBD at all.

“The Drug Task Forces around the state, especially here in Laramie, have gone to different stores that have CBD, legally purchased [CBD products] and have them tested at the state lab to confirm that they do not have THC in them,” Smith said.

Lt. Gwen Smith also added that if tests reveal that any CBD product contains any amount of THC, then officials would inform the businesses responsible to hav them immediately changed.

“All of the businesses in Laramie complied 100 percent with removing those once they found out that, even though all of the labels said 0 percent, that was not correct,” Smith said.

He added that the police work with the small businesses in Laramie to ensure that their CBD products are safe for use.

“Laramie has great small businesses here, and they always have worked and I’m sure will continue to work with us – just like we work with them – to make sure that all of us are doing the best we can for the people in our community and those that travel through,” Smith said.

He also added that police officers in Laramie do not arrest or give tickets to people with CBD products that does not contain THC.

“We don’t want to write tickets or arrest people unless we’re sure that they’ve violated the law,” Smith explained. “I think that they would err on side of making sure that there was THC in the product before they wrote anything up.”